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Preston Hall Museum, Stockton on Tees

Client : Quarmby Construction Company Ltd

Project : Preston Hall Museum, Stockton on Tees

Value : 50,000.00

The project is the third phase of a joint Heritage Lottery and Stockton Borough Council funded redevelopment of the Museum and comprises the re-configuration and refurbishment of the Museum to improve the accessibility, circulation and facilities for visitors and users, create new displays and improve the internal and external fabric of the building. The museum was opened within the hall by Stockton Borough Council in 1953 to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; a Victorian Street was developed to the side of the Museum in the 1970’s and 80’s.

As Preston Hall is an Historic Buidling, we restored all the traditional plaster in Non Hydraulic lime  and repaired and replaced old ceiling mouldings to the ceilings.